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Rebekah’s Hope

Rebecca and Joel are an extraordinary couple and are a real inspiration to others. They turned to us to help them redesign the website and help promote Joel’s new book, and we’ve had a wonderful partnership ever since.

We have helped and are helping them increase their online presence since. Our team has done everything as promised (website creation, SEO, SMM targeted promotion for Rebekah’s Hope, A Brave Hope (movie), Joel’s books), but that’s not the most important thing. The most important part of the collaboration was the opportunity to work with Joel and Rebecca – they are real fighters who prove that no matter the circumstances, there is always a place for hope, faith and true love.

Their example can inspire others to be brave!

01 Problem

Rebekah’s Hope needed to refresh their online presence, grow its social media presence and improve its search result rankings.

02 Approach

Marketlancers helped Rebekah’s Hope by developing and implementing the correct marketing strategy, creating a new website, doing SEO, running social media, and paid social media and Google ads.

03 Solution

As a result, Rebekah’s Hop was able to increase organic book and merchandise sales by 35%.

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